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3 Memorable Things To Do At HHI, South Carolina

Hilton Head Island is one of the most well-planned luxury resort community in South Carolina. There is an expansive network of trails on the island for you to explore, by walk or a bike. There are 2 ways to own up this experience, one plan a short vacation to the island or own your place here by contacting Hilton head real estate. After this is done let us proceed to know how to have the most memorable moments in the Hilton Head Island. The 3 best places to visit are described below.

1. Bike trials of HHI
Cars are not needed in on Hilton Head. It is a tiny island with a land area measuring twelve miles long and five miles wide and is not very hilly to climb. In fact, all the places are easily accessible by bike. In 1960 islanders smartly encourage biking and started planning a huge network of bike paths to avoid smoke-producing vehicles, and are still working on it to this day. You can go to each and every corner enjoying spectacular views on your leisurely bike trip. The bike lanes stretch sixty miles and. Shared paths estimated to be more than two hundred miles. In fact there are designated bike lanes in one-fourth of the city. There are extensive maps of all bike lanes, but it is best to go on your own to the island’s secret spots you would miss otherwise, experience the canopy of live oaks and pines, then you might just discover secret beaches and forgotten parks.

2. Pinckney island national wildlife refuge
The nearest from Hilton Head Island lies Pinckney Island National Wildlife Refuge, that is about half a mile. It has a spectacular outdoor wildlife and a classroom of nature. The 4000 odd acres refugee has interesting places like Pinckney Island, Big Harry and Little Harry Islands, Buzzard Island and Corn Island. It is popularly visited by tourists to explore, photograph wildlife, go fishing, hiking and bike ride through the 14 miles bike trails that encompass throughout the refuge. Mostly the Pinckney wildlife national refuge has salt marsh, forestland, and freshwater ponds. and brush land that is swarming with wild .There are around 250 species of birds, white-tailed deer, bobcats, red foxes, and many American alligators that can be spotted. A hike to White Point is breathtaking and is worth the extra effort.

3. Sea Pines Forest Preserve
Just a few minutes from Coligny Beach Park, you will find yourself in a different world. Deep, mysterious forests, secluded lakes, and elevated walkways over dark swamps infested with crocodiles are just a few of the things you can see at Sea Pines Forest Preserve, the place discovered by a group of nomadic Indians about 4000 years ago.

They left us remnants of their ceremonial plaza, which today is known as the Indian Shell Ring, and traces of their long abandoned village. Explore the Forest Preserve on foot, horseback, on a wagon, boat or on bike and travel through boardwalks and along paths, small, overgrown canals, and high observation towers.